How to choose the best electric scooter

An electric scooter is a road vehicle that is a personal vehicle. The electric scooter is designed for use by one person, the weight of which must comply with the allowable parameters declared by the manufacturer.

The electric scooter looks like an ordinary scooter. The main difference lies in the presence of a battery and an electric motor, which provide free movement on electric vehicles.

Such personal transport is a convenient, practical, and ecological means of transportation. An electric scooter will be handy for travelers whose routes can be unpredictable. It is only necessary to remember the need to charge the battery and the available distance on a single charge.

Why do you need an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are great for city commutes to work, school, home, and various other errands. Electric scooters allow you to enjoy the movement around the city, avoiding stuffy traffic jams and crowded public transport. At the same time, such a trip will allow you to breathe fresh air, passing through the green areas of the parks.

How does an electric scooter work?

The basic principle of the electric scooter is the driving force. The energy of the battery allows you to drive the electric motor, which is responsible for the process of movement.

how electric scooter works

Increasing and decreasing speeds also have their own requirements, for which the accelerator handles are responsible. From it, in turn, a signal is sent to the controller, which sets the mode for the full operation of the electric motor.

Various types of the electric scooters

The technical design of an electric scooter is not complicated. The main elements are:

  • Scooter steering wheel with brake and gas levers provided.
  • A display that shows all the necessary information.
  • Steering column with comfortable height adjustment.
  • Platform (deck) for placing the user’s feet.
  • Wheels covered with special fenders.
  • The electric scooter itself can be solid or foldable.

One-piece scooters have a monolithic frame, are more stable on the road, and are easy to manage. Scooters of this design are very silent, but the provision of storage and transportation can cause certain difficulties and inconveniences.

Folding electric scooters – designed for a movable way to connect the steering wheel and the lower part – the platform of the scooter. It is much easier to store and transport this type of folded electric scooter.

Pros and cons of an electric scooter

The benefits include:

Compactness. Modern scooters can be foldable or semi-foldable for easy transportation. When folded, scooters do not take up much space.
An electric scooter is such a free means of transportation that allows you to crush traffic jams of any complexity and move even on streets where cars and motorcycles cannot pass.
The light weight of modern scooters averages 15-20 kg, which allows the user to lift it and bring it into the room, and transfer it over the curb.

Powered by a simple outlet, which is enough to charge the vehicle. It will take 6 hours on average to fully charge the battery. You can charge such a vehicle at work during the day or at night while the user is sleeping.
The ability to move with a dead battery allows you to use an electric scooter as a normal one.
Electric transport is environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful substances to people and nature when traveling, and also does not emit unpleasant fuel odors on the street and indoors.

Movement over long distances can reach up to 20 kilometers, which is quite enough for use in the city.
Driving an electric vehicle does not require special permits or driver’s licenses. Considering the fact that the legislation does not yet equate the electric scooter with bicycle and moped transport, this makes it possible to legally move on it along pedestrian zones, sidewalks, as well as in shopping centers.
For the maintenance of electric vehicles, independent intervention or diagnostics of the service center master will be sufficient.

electric scooter benefits

In addition to the advantages of an electric scooter, there are also a couple of disadvantages that you need to consider:

Seasons force car drivers to change tires at a certain period. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with scooters, and it is quite unpleasant to move around in snow and frosty air in winter. Therefore, an electric scooter is an excellent type of personal transport, suitable for the beginning of spring and before the onset of heavy rains in the fall, with the first frosts.
Protection against theft of an electric scooter can only be performed using a special lock that is fixed on the brake disc. Therefore, many users are afraid to leave the electric scooter unattended while visiting a supermarket, pharmacy, or coffee shop.

How to choose the best electric scooter online and is it possible?

Before buying an electric scooter, it is important to determine the features of a particular model and pay attention to them:

The battery capacity is a parameter that determines the distance that an electric scooter is able to cover when the battery is charged – 100%. Depending on the model, the distance on one battery charge can reach 8-90 kilometers. Budget electric scooters can reach movements within 30-40 km, children’s models – from 15 to 20 km, and expensive electric scooter models from 70 to 90 km.

Climb angle is an important parameter indicating the ability of an electric scooter to cope with various ascents and descents. The angle of elevation is 7-350 degrees.
Clearance (ground clearance) – a parameter that determines the distance from the lowest point of the deck to the ground. The higher the clearance parameter, the more optimal the cross-country ability, which provides full-fledged driving comfort on rough roads.
The time for recharging the battery can be either 2 hours or 10 hours.

Only children’s electric scooters can have the shortest charging time.
Before choosing an electric scooter for yourself or as a gift to relatives, friends, or relatives, it is important to foresee the possible difficulties associated with the comfort of movement and control. Electric transport must meet the requirements and fit the user in terms of height, leg size, and weight category.

Therefore, before buying, it is important to clarify the width of the platform, which provides for a non-slip surface, as well as a practical steering wheel adjustment (up to a maximum height).

Is it possible to buy an electric scooter by placing an order on the Internet? Yes, ordering an electric scooter in the modern world is quite acceptable. Many users claim that they are more comfortable buying such a thing in offline stores that allow you to touch the product, test its characteristics and capabilities on the spot.

Given the modern sites of the Internet space, you can choose a good electric scooter on the Internet. An order can be placed by cash on delivery or courier delivery, which allows you to check the product and consider it.

Criteria for choosing an electric scooter
Before buying a personal vehicle, you should also pay attention to the following additional criteria that will ensure convenience and comfort from use. These include:

User definition
So, how can you choose an electric scooter for adults and children, it is important to understand the differences between such models. To date, there are many interesting options for electric scooter models for use by children, teenagers, and adults.

It is important to determine the age that allows you to use a personal vehicle.

Children’s models of scooters are allowed to be used by children from 7-8 years old, under the strict supervision of their parents.

electric scooter wheels

Scope of use and wheel diameter

Electric scooters are mainly purchased for one purpose – to move around the city, bypassing traffic jams. As mentioned above, a very important criterion for a scooter is the distance from the deck to the ground, as well as the possible presence of a suspension. Some electric scooters may be ideal only for smooth roads, while others are ideal for off-road use. It is important to take into account such a criterion as the diameter of the wheels of electric vehicles: 7 inches will allow you to ride on smooth roads, 7-9 inches on rather bumpy, uneven roads, and from 10 inches they will do an excellent job of moving along the most broken streets or in forests.

Electric scooter battery capacity

An electric scooter may have:

The capacity is 4000 mAh, which is able to provide a mileage of 8 to 10 kilometers on a journey with an average user weight.
Capacity 8000 mAh – provides a path of 14-15 kilometers.
12000 mAh, in turn, provides the opportunity for a run on the road from 24 to 26 kilometers.
Optimum Power
Considering the purchase of an electric scooter for girls or teenagers, we recommend paying attention to the power up to 250 watts. For men – from 250 watts.

The higher the power of the electric motor built into the wheel, the faster acceleration will be performed and more traction for climbing uphill. For people weighing over 90 kilograms, this will be a suitable option. Therefore, for a lighter-weight of person, sufficient power is 250 watts.

Electric scooter and user weight

The average electric scooter has a weight of 13 kilograms and wheels – of 8 inches. The larger the diameter of the wheels, the more powerful the battery must be, respectively, these factors can double the weight of an electric scooter.


  • A scooter with a wheel diameter of 8 inches and a battery of 12000 mAh has a weight = 13 kg.
  • Scooter with 10-inch wheels: Battery = 18000 mAh, weight between 25 and 28 kg.
  • The optimal solution for users whose weight is more than 80 kg is a powerful electric motor – 350-500 W.

The braking system of electric scooter

Many models of electric scooters are equipped with a dual braking system (electronic and systemic).

The electronic system is designed to recharge the scooter during braking. Electronic brakes are capable of:

electric scooter brakes

Ensure the comfort of movement on crowded streets.

Maintain a safe speed level, especially when going downhill.
Mechanical brakes. In turn, they are presented in the form of a classic scheme – the rear wheel provides the possibility of braking. Such a system is relevant for powerful models of electric scooters.


An electric scooter is an amazing solution for modern people who need to move around the city. You can choose a device online by checking its capabilities upon delivery.

Self-reviews are always useful for a general understanding and familiarization with smart gadgets and electric scooters of interest. Available information on the Internet allows users to make the right and easy choice. But it should be remembered that manufacturers must provide a quality guarantee, as well as replacement parts in case of such a need.